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Svadobná fotokniha – Exkluzívna ručne robená fotokniha

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Čo nosím v mojej fotobrašni?

I started with photography in 2005. I was student of Slovak technical university in Bratislava when I bought my first digital still camera Panasonic FZ5. After half year with Panasonic I cought the limits of the small image sensor in compact camera. I switched to DSLR camera KonicaMinolta Dynax 5D. On the Minolta system I built my photogear. Later I upgraded DSLR to new Sony A700 camera. Meantime I have been working as professional wedding photographer. I love shallow depth of field so the next camera should be DSLR with full frame image sensor, the Nikon D700.


I curently shoot with the best DSLR camera from Nikon ever, two identical Nikon D750 bodies. It’s 24mpix full frame camera with huge dynamic range and fast autofocus.


Nikon 24-70/f2,8G – The work horse with quick autofocus, mainly used for reportage and reception shooting.  Sometimes  I use wide 24mm for portraits.
Nikon 50/f1,8G – My favourite fast fixed focal lens. Shallow depth of field wide open make all pictures magical. My No.1 lens for walkaround with one camera on my shouolder.
Nikon 85/f1,8G – Classic 85mm portrait fixed focal lens, can’t absent in my photobag everytime. This lens produce perfect sharp images wide open.
Nikon 35/f1,8 – Newest lens in my bag. 35mm focal lenght I’m using for preparations and reportage very often. Combo of prime 35mm and 85mm in second camera is my favourite for portrait shooting.

Other equpment

Nikon SB900 system flash, Yongnuo YN 560 IV system flash, photostand, umbrellas, sets of AA SANYO bateries for flash, backup Li-Ion bateries for DSLR, set of 16 and 32GB SANDISK SDHC  memory cars, polarize filter HOYA Pro1 etc. Camera bags Lowepro Event Messenger 150, Nova 200AW, Mini Trekker AW.